Peaw on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Anna on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Oil on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Pau on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

May 7, 2010 Updates: Peaw, Anna, Oil, Pau, and Chocolate

Big news this week on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! With the models from this week’s updates, Ladyboy-Ladyboy now features over 1,200 individual models! That’s right… 1,200 unique Ladyboys, and most of them have multiple sets on the site… do a little math and it’s not difficult to see that the site offers its Members the best value on the Internet when it comes to beautiful Asian Ladyboys!

With weekly updates, Ladyboy-Ladyboy isn’t slowing down either! This week’s girls are smokin’ hot and you can bet that our photographers are constantly busy sniffing out the most beautiful Asian Ladyboys from all over the world to feature on our site. Come check out the WEALTH of beautiful girls on Ladyboy-Ladyboy today!

Chocolate on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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Yo on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Bebang on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Notte on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Shaina on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

April 30, 2010 Updates: Yo, Bebang, Notte, Shaina, and Taengmoo

It’s a week of nude Ladyboys running all over the place this week on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! OK, actually, there’s nude Ladyboys all over the place, all the time on the site but this week, there seems to be just a few pictures of clothes and then it’s straight to the skin-pics! Not that I’m complaining…

I’m loving Ladyboy Notte in this update with her long, lean body, tanned skin, and cute face. And of course, it’s always nice to see Ladyboy Yo reappear on Ladyboy-Ladyboy with her nice-sized tits and always hard Ladyboy cock. Some great new-comers this week too… you’ll love these new girls!

Taengmoo on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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Som on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Lee on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Angelica on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Poy on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

April 23, 2010 Updates: Som, Lee, Angelica, Poy, and Susie

This week is quite the eclectic mixture of Ladyboys on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! From the playful shoot of Angelica, to the serious sexy of Susie, we’ve got whatever mood you’re in covered in this week’s updates! I personally am finding the bedroom eyes of Ladyboy Lee to be quite alluring and captivating…

Then again, Poy looks simply amazing in that beautiful red dress she’s wearing for her shoot, and Som looks gorgeous in some dramatic eye makeup and a white babydoll. Sigh… I just can’t decide who to feature this week… seems like I’ve having this problem a lot recently. Good problem to have though! Come check out all the updates this week on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Susie on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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KC Anne on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Lily on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Nat on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Poy on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

April 16, 2010 Updates: KC Anne, Lily, Nat, Poy, and Q

Well, another great week of beautiful Ladyboys has come to Ladyboy-Ladyboy and here they are! A great mix of girls this week and some diverse looks and styles too. From the shy newcomer KC Anne to the smiling and seasoned Ladyboy-Ladyboy veteran, Q, this week is sure to have a bit of something for everyone!

We’ve also finally gotten our Asia Ladyboy Blog up and running and we invite you go and take a look! We’ll be featuring daily pictures of some of the most beautiful Asian Ladyboys from around the world and from just about every website out there on that blog and we’re already off to a good start! Come check things out and don’t forget check out this week’s updates on Ladyboy-Ladyboy too!

Q on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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Ladyboy May on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Ladyboy May made her debut on Ladyboy-Ladyboy back in January of this year and she was pretty warmly received my Members of the site. Of course, it would be pretty hard not to love this tall, slim, and somewhat shy girl who may take a little while to warm up, but once she does, as you can see, has quite the package tucked away in her panties!

May really exhibits a kind of shy innocence in her shoots that I find to be really hot. I love these Ladyboys who get into their shoots and May gives us a great performance in every scene. Come watch her two videos and browse her galleries on Ladyboy-Ladyboy today!

Ladyboy May on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Ladyboy May on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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Angie on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! May on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Nay on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Pim on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

April 9, 2010 Updates: Angie, May, Nay, Pim, and Toffee

Sorry guys! Been busy lately! Anyway… back on track now and here’s a whole new round of gorgeous Ladyboys for you to enjoy from our site, Ladyboy-Ladyboy! From the cute and youthful looking Angie to the tasty Ladyboy treat, Toffee, this is an update with a bit of something for everyone!

I’m going to have a hard time figuring out who to feature in the next couple of posts! Angie sure is cute and I love the smile on Ladyboy Nay… but, for pure sex appeal I’m thinking May is the best bet! Well, I guess you’ll have to come back and visit to find out who gets featured next… or else go and check them all out on Ladyboy-Ladyboy today!

Toffee on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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TS Cherry on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! TS Cherry on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

I have to confess, I haven’t stopped flipping through the pictures of Asian Shemale Cherry on Ladyboy-Ladyboy since her set went live on the site. For her very first debut on any site, Cherry seems quite comfortable with the camera and I don’t think you need a big imagination to know why she’s one of the more popular girls on the streets of Phutalatit!

If you were in the area for ‘business,’ and you saw Cherry walking down the street in this leopard print dress, wouldn’t you just have to stop and check her out? I know I would! I guess it’s a good thing that the photographers for Ladyboy-Ladyboy are busy cruising the streets looking for the hottest Ladyboys out there just for us to enjoy!

TS Cherry on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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Meet Real Ladyboys!

Posted under on Sunday Mar 21, 2010

Don’t you wish there was a place that you could go to meet real Transsexuals for dating, chat, and more? Well, we’d like to invite you to check out MatchTG! Sign up for free, create yourself a profile, and perhaps you’ll catch the attention of a sexy Transsexual who lives right next door to you! You just never know!

MatchTG is a serious site for people looking for anything from a hook-up to a long-term relationship. Everyone deserves some happiness in life, and we hope that you’ll find someone to make your heart flutter or just give you a rise in your pants at MatchTG.

Also, if you’re interested in something a bit less ‘official’, come check out the Trans-Friendly Social Networking Site, TGFlix… Just like the other well-known social networking sites, TGFlix allows you to make friends across the spectrum of the Transsexual community as well as people who share your interests and hobbies! Two great ways to meet real Transsexuals who just might be looking for you too!

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Maya on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Pai on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Pim on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Pla on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

March 5, 2010 Updates: May, Pai, Pim, Pla, and Sasa

Ladyboy-Ladyboy brought in March with new sets and videos from these five Asian Shemale beauties with the update on March 5, 2010. Let’s think about this for a minute… each and every week, as a Member of Ladyboy-Ladyboy, you get complete access to five full galleries and videos of incredible Ladyboys… Isn’t that almost too good to be true?

Videos on Ladyboy-Ladyboy are professionally shot in High Definition so each and every pixel is clear and sharp… and that means a much more enjoyable video viewing experience… no recycled material here! Come check out the galleries and videos for these five beauties today exclusively on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Sasa on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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Ladyboy Nicole on Ladyboy-Ladyboy! Ladyboy Nicole on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of your typical Ladyboy, I think of petite figures, perky tits, and long, dark hair… and I think for the most part, that probably describes a good portion of the Ladyboys out there. But, one of the great things about Ladyboys worldwide is that there is a whole bunch of different looks and types out there!

Here are a few pictures of Ladyboy Nicole, who made her debut on Ladyboy-Ladyboy in February sporting her natural hair. I guess she showed up to the shoot wearing a wig but the photographer liked her natural hair look more so that’s what ended up on the site. I think it was a good call by the photographer and Nicole is absolutely adorable in this set. Always nice to be reminded that Ladyboys come with short hair too!

Ladyboy Nicole on Ladyboy-Ladyboy!


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